Something beautiful has happened!

Do you know that feeling when you read a book and recognize yourself in that story? You feel part of the story, discovering yourself behind the words, almost as if the author has researched and written about your life and feelings.

Well! That’s what happened to us while reading the FIOI MANIFESTO.

It starts like this: KEEPERS OF OLIVE TREES AND ITALIAN ARTISANAL OIL, written in capital letters. Because — we agree — meaningful things need to be shouted out and have as much resonance as possible!

Then, word by word, we found ourselves and our olive trees between those beautiful lines.

We adore olive trees. They’re at the center of our thoughts. Every day, at least from sunrise to sunset, occasionally even at night. They’re a source of joy and concern, almost like children to look after, some young, very young, some a hundred years old.

They’re our companions in life and the foundation of our civilization. An invaluable heritage. And we are only custodians of this heritage, which needs to be guarded and handed down at any cost.

In our hearts, we know that this line of noble principles is the soul of Tenuta Cavasecca. We also know it’s the basis on which FIOI  – Italian Federation of Independent Olive Growers – was founded.

After careful examination of the production and extraction method of our extra virgin olive oil, as well as investigations on the observance of the parameters necessary to obtain a high-quality oil, the FIOI Board has officially informed us that:

Tenuta Cavasecca becomes part of the fantastic FIOI world

Tenuta Cavasecca is authorized to use the FIOI trademark for commercial purposes.

What to say about this? It’s superfluous but fitting: we’re overjoyed to have received this incredible recognition for our beloved work.

Now we’d like to leave you with the Federation Manifesto because it’s beautiful, instructive, and a lifestyle in which every independent olive grower can recognize himself.

Enjoy reading it!